As a child I loved drawing and creating. I painted a number of pieces as a teenager. Most of them were surreal or figurative Later I trained at Whitecliffe Art School in all aspects of art. For years I was a graphic designer working mainly with magazines and advertising in NZ and Australia.
When I had a young family I ran a business designing and making children’s costumes. It was later in life when my children became more independent that I again picked up my brush and started painting illustrations of birds and landscapes.

After winning a number of prizes including the Kg Frazor award for my paintings, I am driven to paint more and become a fulltime artist. My interest has been mainly in New Zealand coastal scenes. This led to me painting on large canvases in oil and acrylic. Most of my works have an element of peace and realism but some have something different or surreal.
My artistic drive became stronger when I went through a challenging period in my personal life. Painting became my healing and solace. The work was dark but now as I have recovered the color has returned.
My wish is to help others using art and painting as a healing activity. I am delighted to know that my work is throughout NZ and in many other countries.

I have been teaching painting classes and weekend workshops for many years and enjoy watching how my students grow in their artistic endeavors.


Her main influences are New Zealand Bush, birds and God.
Her favourite artists are Gustave Dore, Ainsley Roberts, Raymond Ching, Dali, Waterhouse.


- Diploma of Art - Whitecliffe Art School
- Trained in Graphics and Photography at AIT and 5yrs training in commercial art


- 1st Prize - 'Our Land' Royal Easter Show
- KG Frazer Award - Royal easter Show
- 1st Prize 2008 - 'Best of The West' Titirangi Painters
- 1st Prize 2007 - 'Best of The West' Titirangi Painters
- MP's Choice - Waitakere Arts
- 2nd & 3rd - Restaurant People's Choice
- Highly Recommended - Mairangi Bay Arts
- People's Choice Award - Waitakere Arts Competition
- 2nd Prize - Emerging Artist - Easter Show